Top Tips for holding job interviews

Our conference venue has been the location for a number of assessment days over the past week, each consisting of online assessments, group work, individual presentations and individual interviews.  We’ve picked up a few things & we’ve also spoken to the interviewing panel to come up with some top tips for anyone holding job interviews.

Firstly, make sure all candidates are informed of the exact location of the interviews and given a map and/or directions.  The more accurate the directions are, the less chance you will have of candidates being late and disrupting your interviewing time schedule.

If you are planning to have part of your job interview process online we would suggest that you visit the venue beforehand to ensure that any software or websites you are going to use are compatible with their IT equipment.   This may include adding security certificates to prevent security software blocking websites or it may involve installing programmes on to PCs/laptops. It is best to speak to your IT department to find out if there are any issues you should be aware of.  Even if you are holding your job interviews in your own business it is still best to check everything works on the equipment you have & give it a test run.

The next thing we would suggest is to ensure that you have a suitable area for interviewees to wait in prior to their job interview or assessment.  Remember your candidates will be nervous and could be waiting around for a while so make sure they have somewhere to sit and access to water & toilets.  Also, if your assessment day is going to take up a whole day you will need to make sure that you provide lunch for candidates or remind them they will need to either bring their own or find somewhere nearby to buy something.  At Oakmere, interview candidates can put in a lunch order during the morning session.  These cost £2 each and include a freshly made sandwich with a selection of different filling options & a side salad.

If you are planning on incorporating presentations or any writing exercises into the job interviews, you will need to make sure you have the right equipment to allow this.  This may include; pens, paper, flip charts, projector, laptop, post-it notes & highlighter pens.  All of this is included in the cost of room hire at Oakmere.

Finally, the most important part is to make sure you have a plan for the day.  It is important to be organised to ensure that the day runs smoothly from start to finish.  Make sure you have accurate timings and draw up an agenda so everyone knows where they should be and at what time – including the interviewing panel.  Make sure to over estimate timings leaving with room to be flexible in case of any unforeseen issues.

We hope these top tips help and if you would like any advice on the structure of job interviews and the kind of questions to ask, follow our useful links:

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