Oakmere Community College awarded Cash for Kids Grant

Oakmere Community College has been awarded a cash for kids grant to help get a new project off the ground.

Cash for Kids aims to provide a helping hand for children who are disadvantaged across Liverpool.  To find out more visit the Cash for Kids website

The money will be used to help us develop two plots of land within the college into areas for a vegetable patch, fruit trees and seating areas. We feel the project will benefit a whole range of students in lots of different ways.

Firstly, catering students will be able to grow fresh produce that they can then use to prepare meals in the kitchen. This will help teach them about stock control and gives them the opportunity to see where food comes from. As well as this, it will help to keep learners engaged and interested in their studies as it gives them a chance to venture outside of the normal learning environment.

It’s not just catering students who will benefit, however, as the food they prepare is served to the whole college at breaks and lunches so the project will promote healthy eating to all students. Furthermore, it will give learners a nice place to sit to eat their lunch with friends during the summer or for college social events to take place such as a BBQ. The project will also help to make the college more eco-friendly as it will include a composting area and will save emissions due to a reduction in the amount of deliveries that will be required.

In addition to all of the above benefits, learners can get involved in growing berries and learning the process of producing jam from them. This can then be sold to local businesses helping to develop enterprise skills and also to help students get more involved in the local community.

We are very excited to get started on this project and this cash for kids grant is going to be a MASSIVE help! Keep checking our news page for updates on how things are coming along…

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