Some inspiration for your next conference

Conference organisers often find it difficult to decide upon the best way to format their event.  It is difficult to find a ‘one size fits all’ format for a conference as it very much depends on the size of the group, the objective and the message being communicated.

We have come up with some ideas for how you could hold your next conference:

  1. Lectures: these are the safest bet, however, they are at risk of being boring for the audience. Make your lecture much more interesting by increasing interactivity and audience participation e.g. polls/ audience response.
  2. Discussions: this conference format is much more laid back. Topics are introduced to delegates and they are then encouraged to discuss them and learn from one another. This requires less content being pre-prepared as it is created by the participants.
  3. Buzz groups: Smaller groups break off from a larger group in order to generate ideas to take back to the larger group for discussion or decision making.
  4. Combination of short sessions: this involves a number of short sessions that make up the overall conference. These could be announcements, discussion or keynotes that are educating and entertaining. This will keep the audience engaged and interested.

However you decide to run your conference, our team here at Oakmere Conference Centre understand the importance of fitting in with your needs. We are flexible in our approach to holding conferences and can offer tailor made packages to adapt to whatever you choose to do. We also have a dedicated host to make sure your event runs smoothly.

For more information click here or contact our Conference Centre Co-ordinator, Rachel Slater at

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