Feng Shui for your Conference

We’ve heard of Feng Shui in our homes but have you ever considered how you could use it to encourage positive energy in your next conference?

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed in China over 3000 years ago. It is a complex body of knowledge that aims to balance the energies and forces of a space to promote harmony and destruct negative energy flows. Although criticised by a lot of people, the basic underlying principle is that the environment we are in effects our wellbeing.   This principle can be applied to conferences and can inspire the placement of tables, chairs and furniture to create an environment that results in high levels of productivity.

The main speaker in a meeting or conference should be towards the rear of the room and furthest away from the door as it presents a good view of the rest of the room. Not only does it imply a position of power but it also increases focus and concentration. In terms of smaller boardrooms, a table proportional to the size of the room should be used. Chairs should be placed around it facing the door and the part in front of the doors could be kept empty so energy and conversation can flow freely. Chairs should be spaced out to avoid feelings of claustrophobia or irritation.

When thinking about the layout of a larger conference you should consider things like lighting and layout which can effect participation and concentration. If people are sitting in more comfortable chairs they will be able to pay more attention and may be more inclined to take notes. Furthermore, good Feng Shui involves placing an oval or round table in the middle of the room to enhance positive energy so it may be worth considering round tables rather than those with sharp edges.

Overall, the teachings of Feng Shui in terms of a conference can be seen as common sense. It seems pretty obvious to make sure delegates are comfortable during your eventto make sure they get the most from it. However, it is still worth putting a bit of thought into the layout and the kind of environment you want to create for your guests.

What are your views on Feng Shui and will you consider its techniques next time you are planning a meeting or conference?   If you require any advice or would like to view our conference centre facilities please contact Rachel Slater on Rachel.slater@oakmere.net or 0151 213 0187.

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