Equality and Diversity Training

Members of staff at Oakmere completed an equality and diversity training workshop yesterday afternoon with Julie Wilkinson from Brave the Rage.  The workshop took place in our conference centre and focused on different topics that we should consider for us to create an inclusive and comfortable environment for our learners and staff – no matter what their background.

We first defined equality and diversity as treating people fairly whilst recognising their differences.  It also involves giving everyone equal opportunities free from prejudice and discrimination.  The session then went on to focus on and discuss some of the main areas of equality and diversity such as disability, religion, race, sexual orientation and gender.

There was also another session this morning for delivery staff to enable them to incorporate the areas we had discussed into future lesson plans to promote the development of equality and diversity amongst our learners.

Oakmere is committed to creating an environment that helps every member of our college achieve their potential and we believe that good equality and diversity practice is a major part of reaching this goal.

Equality and diversity workshop at Oakmere

Some of the exercises from the training session


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