How to decide what college course to study

Choosing what course to study at college can be a difficult task. There are some important things we think you should think about when it comes to making the big decision.

Firstly, think about what interests you. This could be things you were interested in when you were in school or something you are interested in doing that you have never done before. Next, you should research around these areas of interest. Find out what courses there are, what they involve and what opportunities they will progress. For example, will it progress on to further education at another college or can you get a job from it straight away?

After you have done your research you should look into the specific course in more depth. Consider exactly what you need to do for the course and how long it will take you to complete. If you have other commitments or responsibilities you should make sure it will fit in with these. As well as this, you need to consider the entry requirements.

Here at Oakmere College our courses do not require any formal qualifications but you do need to show an interest in learning new skills. You can find out more information about the courses we offer and what they entail under the ‘College Courses’ section of the website. All of our instructors are industry qualified meaning our learners get real life experience within the industry they are studying.


Oakmere Community College Liverpool

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