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Oakmere Acorns Nursery

Hi, my name is Lyndsey Gill and I am the nursery manager of Oakmere Acorns Nursery in Walton. I believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life. As a manager and also a mother of two year old twins I know the importance of feeling comfortable with your child’s nursery and the staff team.

We are in the early stages of opening up and we are having great fun creating an exciting new community nursery. At the moment we are still developing a safe and well planned out building for our new and young children of Walton.

2-3 year old room

This room has been specifically designed for this age group to provide the opportunity for social and independent play and to enhance the children’s learning opportunities. All activities focus on the provision of choice to encourage a child’s independence and self- reliance. There is an excellent outdoor area, designed with many features to stimulate and inspire young children in a healthy, safe and secure environment.

3-5 year old room

For all children aged three to five we follow a broad play – base curriculum that meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage which allows your child to progress at his or her own rate. It supports development of communication skills, co-operation and collaboration with others to give them confidence to participate in their environment and the activities on offer.


Our team has been specially chosen not just for their experience and professional qualifications, but for their genuine love of caring for children, enthusiasm and passion for what they do.


In order to maintain high standards of quality care and supervision at all times, we provide the following ratios to ensure the needs of all our children are met all of the time:
1 adult to 4 children aged 2-3 years
1 adult to 8 children aged 3-5 years

At Oakmere Acorn’s Nursery we support and encourage the children to learn and develop using the Early Years Foundation Stage as a framework incorporating the seven areas of learning to plan fun activities and routines for the children. All our rooms have been individually themed with each age group of child in mind. Our aim is for the child to become familiar within their setting and build more settled relationships with staff and other children. The key person will fully support and work with children and their parents at each stage of nursery life, ensuring every child’s care and learning is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Key person

At Oakmere Acorn’s Nursery we are proud to promote our key person approach as we believe this is the most effective way of ensuring that all children in our care have a strong relationship with a member of our team within our setting to support their emotional well-being.
The key person will care for your child throughout the nursery day and is the first point of contact for all parents. They know all the special details on how to care for your child to help them feel cherished, confident and able to express themselves fully. They will help them build relationships with other adults and children and give them a safe, secure and consistent base to return to when they need to.


For more information about Oakmere Acorns nursery in Walton contact Lyndsey Gill on lyndsey.gill@oakmere.net or telephone 0151 530 2330 / 07943097511